Publishing your expert literature review

We had been working with our client on an ad hoc basis on grant applications, providing critical reviews and editorial support during her tenure as a senior researcher in infectious disease. She was invited to write a review for the prestigious Nature Reviews Immunology, and she asked us to undertake the final editing. One concern our client had was that she and her co-author had written specific sections of the review, and the differences in the broad focus and written style between these sections may be apparent to the reader. She discussed with us the need to make this a cohesive document with regard to variations in language style and focus, and with regard to the general requirements of an expert literature review. Her time frame was also relatively limited with the added delays of a overseas co-author in a different time zone. We worked with our client to get this accomplished in a timely manner and she was able to meet her submission deadline. Our client’s literature review has now been published in Nature Reviews Immunology, and she later commented in a referral “The editing was precise and critical and from the really favorable comments (from the reviewers), it is clear that their (SugarApple Communications) attention to detail was appreciated.”

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