Communications partners that understand both the science and the statistics are an asset.

Data is collected with a specific hypothesis in mind, and study design, sample size, and analytical methods are important in deciding what the data tells us, regardless of the field of study.  

Raw data can be large amounts of information that is confusing, ‘noisy’, messy and generally uninformative.  It’s like a tangled mass of threads, and interwoven through it is a golden thread of information that has to be unravelled.  This thread of gold may confirm something we already knew, or reveal something exciting and new.  Extracting this information and turning it into a clear statement can be a challenge.

Why choose us as partners

In your field, tactical delivery of communications programs and materials will require capability not just in wordsmithing, but in understanding the science and critically the statistics and data analysis behind it.

SugarApple Communications can work with your data analysis output to sort through the tangles and pull the threads together to find the gold – the exciting and new information, and distil this to into language that is accessible to your clients.

We have expertise in study design and statistical methods.  We can work collaboratively with your statisticians and data analysts to achieve the stated end-points of your study, and to maximize your potential to achieve your study objectives.

We can provide advice on:

  • Analysis approaches relevant to the study design
  • Data management and preparation
  • Statistical methods
  • Analysis output and interpretation
  • Preparing tables and illustrations for publication & presentation
  • Disseminating your results

Contact us to discuss your needs – we are happy to help.

Unfog the science…ensure quality, clarity and accuracy.