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Sharon Johnatty, PhD

Founder and Scientific Director

I am based in the Greater Brisbane area of Queensland, and I provide medical writing and editorial support for pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and medical and academic professionals. Read more about completed projects here.

I am a scientist with over 30 years of experience in medical research and publishing at prestigious institutions including Baylor College of Medicine (USA), University of Florida (USA), and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (Australia). 

I was awarded a PhD in Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Biostatistics from the University of Texas School of Public Health (USA). I developed courses in genetic epidemiology and clinical trials for doctoral and medical students at the University of Florida College of Medicine (USA). I have extensive experience in lab-based research techniques and data analysis, and I currently maintain a part-time research position at QIMR Berghofer (Australia), working collaboratively with several national and international oncology research consortia.

I have led the analysis and publication of research projects involving multiple international collaborators, and authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications in specialty journals including Nature Genetics, JAMA and Lancet Oncology. I have presented research at national and international conferences, managed online submissions of high-profile manuscripts, and served as a peer-reviewer for academic journals such as The Lancet, PloS, Nature, and AACR journals.  A complete list of my publications and academic track record is available here.

I have also assisted researchers with pre-submission grant reviews for the University of Queensland and QIMR Berghofer, and proof-read and edited theses for PhD candidates from national and international universities.

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