“The quality of the paper you (submit) directly reflects the quality of the science behind it. A careless approach to writing can undermine the most meticulous experiment. It is thus critical that the paper be free of careless errors, especially in the data.”

– Katrina Kelner, Tips for Publishing in Scientific Journals

The clear and accurate expression of ideas, consistent use of terminology, concise and meaningful statements, in language that is accessible to your target audience is pivotal to successful written communications.

At SugarApple Communications we do not offer different levels of editing because we passionately believe your written communications should meet these minimum standards.

We work with both native English-speaking and English as a second language (ESL) scientists.

We can provide an editing certificate for journal articles confirming that your work was edited by a native English-speaking editor with expertise in your field when we believe your work is ready for publication.


What we can do

  • Substantive editing
  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Reference checking
  • Coordinate input from collaborators
  • Pre-submission review
  • Manuscript submission and follow up

Read draft considering main message and target audience
Edit and restructure to ensure logical flow of ideas, clarity and precision of language when expressing complex information
Suggest revisions and ways to improve the document where information is lacking or unclear
Replace jargon and slang with appropriate and consistent use of terminology, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling (e.g. US vs UK English – based on requirement)
Format according to requirement

Why choose us

SugarApple Communications editors are native English-speaking, highly qualified and have been affiliated with top research institutes and universities.

We aim to follow all ethical, legal and best practice editing guidelines as relevant to your field.

We guarantee the quality of our editing service. If necessary, we will re-edit at no extra charge. We cannot guarantee that your grant will be funded or that your manuscript will be accepted, but we will ensure that there are no avoidable language hurdles, as first impressions by a prospective reader tend to be lasting ones.

We will edit academic theses according to ‘Guidelines for editing research theses’ from Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and requirements of your academic institution.

Unfog the science…ensure quality, clarity and accuracy.