The PhD candidate with ESL thesis supervisors

Our client was a PhD candidate in the final stages of writing up her thesis. She was a capable and independent thinker with experience in preparing reports from her previous laboratory research positions. She contacted us after receiving feedback from her thesis committee, advising her that it needed to be re-written. She was concerned however, that some committee members were not familiar enough with practical aspects of her work and that others were not themselves native English speakers (a common occurrence in international scientific environments). She was struggling with both the content and clarity of their comments. She needed an experienced editor who could critically assess both the thesis and the feedback and help her restructure it to ensure that the thesis as a whole was presented in a coherent and logical manner from all angles of her research. We discussed her thesis and provided the guidance and assistance needed to address all her concerns with the thesis committee. Our client has now successfully finalized her thesis and is moving on with her career goals.

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